The Beaufort Code – One Careful Step at a Time

16 May The Beaufort Code – One Careful Step at a Time

Creating a new development code to match the City’s Civic Master Plan is no easy task, though it is important.  It has been reviewed by scores of lay people, professionals, the planning commission and is now on its way to City Council for consideration.  In fact this evening, we will start reviewing as a group all of the citizen comments, staff responses and public comments from two public hearings.

Furthermore, we have appointed a committee of seasoned contractors, developers and lay people who will not begin the process of “field testing” the code, a suggestion made by Walter Nester, the HHI attorney retained by some local business people to review and make suggestions for making the code more workable.

The following are the people who have agreed to serve on a short-term committee to help us review the new proposed code. The goal is to have them review 3-4 recently completed projects to see how they would be treated under the new code and if any issues come up that we had not considered. We also welcome any comments that the members have on areas of the code that may require a further review.

David Tedder
Robert Montgomery
Frank Lesesne
Paul Moore
Mike Sutton

Phil Cromer – City Council Liaison

We hope to receive a report back from the committee by the end of June.

Thanks to the who have agree to serve.