The Extra Mile Club

23 May The Extra Mile Club

Saturday morning I attended  the “Pledge Breakfast” where Beaufortonians, primarily from northern Beaufort County,  gathered in the social hall of Mt Carmel Baptist Church in Dale to provide financial support for the Extra Mile Club.

I learned about the EMC and wrote about it several years ago. Saturday was such a refreshing experience to hear and see the story of personal and community commitment that I want to share.

Starting as the  dream of Chris Dantzler and supported by his energetic and well organized wife Gaynelle, the Extra Mile Club is designed to help young people who need support and guidance they might not get from home.  EMC creates a safe place where,  through athletic and scholastic programming,  young men and women learn about boundaries, goals, focus and discipline as well as team work and leadership skills. The program is run by volunteers who serve as role models and good shepherds.

Out of the hundreds of young people who have attended many have gone to college, served in the military and started careers with a willingness to help others.  Against all odds for African American males, not one, yes not one, of the EMC students is incarcerated.

To learn more about The Extra Mile Club and to help them if you are disposed after learning more go to: