Third graduating class of YMCA’s Safe Boating students

01 Aug Third graduating class of YMCA’s Safe Boating students

About three and half years ago, I met Cecilia Duer, Director of Spirit of America. Spirit of America is a non-profit organization that promotes safe boating for young people through partnering with local organizations.  I asked if she had plans for Beaufort and she said, “We could. What are you thinking about?”

The next day Cecilia and I met with Mike Bostwick, Director of the YMCA.  And not long thereafter, both parties enthusiastically partnered to create the YMCA safe boating program for young people in the greater Beaufort area.  Spirit of America provided the boats, training, materials and support. The YMCA assembled a team of volunteers who were approved as instructors working with the Department of Natural Resources.

A big shout out to Mike, the YMCA Board and Paul Spencer - the man who put the program together and has directed it successfully for three years!

I have been so inspired by both organizations, their can do spirit and success, that every year I donate toward scholarships for those who cannot afford the modest fee since the Y has a policy of not denying access to those who cannot afford it.

Again, proud of the so many selfless people who work hard to lift others up in so many ways.

Images from Saturday’s graduation: