Third World Nations Have Less Taxes

04 Oct Third World Nations Have Less Taxes

While some, including myself oppose raising taxes, I believe the gas tax is worth considering.

Last week when driving to the upper part of the state for a meeting, I bounced through pot holes, felt changing qualities of road surfaces and realized that in terms of infrastructure SC is fast becoming more like a third world county. Our roads and bridges are worn out.  Our highway rights of way are not adequately maintained.  Our state owned sideways and drainage systems are in horrific condition.

State leaders are fighting about band-aids to solve the hemorrhaging funding for state infrastructure is not enough. At this rate we will never keep up.

One answer from Columbia is that local governments should take ownership of some of the state roads and maintain them.  While local control often gets things done more efficiently, the funds to do so are required. And with their hands tied we do not have the resources.

I think it is time to think about the gas tax as one of several tools to prevent us becoming more like a third world country.

Take a minute to read what the post and courier has to say.

Hike gas tax for better roads