Threat to Our Military Bases that can be resolved

22 Aug Threat to Our Military Bases that can be resolved

Our Military at Risk?

For many years people from throughout Beaufort County have been extraordinarily diligent about protecting our coveted military installations from closure through the BRAC (base realignment and closure) process.  Little did we think about other risks over which we do have some control.

I am sure some will think “well here he goes again”  with his wants about sea level rise, and specifically ways we can control it in the Town of Port Royal and the City of Beaufort. The report from the all volunteer Beaufort-Port Royal Sea Level Rise task force is forthcoming and the good news is that if we act, the public and private sectors together, there are a number of actions that will allow us to protect our special hometown.

While I have refused to let the conversation be about global warming and other seemingly politically divisive wrangles, I am basing my sense of the need from what I see in our beautiful Beaufort waterways.

I am pleased to read that our military partners are taking the threats to heart and will be able to save our bases from this real threat that we could see in years to come. And we should in whatever way possible support them

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Featured image from The Beaufort Gazette