We won the battle but the fight is not over

04 Apr We won the battle but the fight is not over

It appears we won the battle but the fight continues!

When the Obama Administration removed the South Atlantic Coast from its five year plan for oil and gas exploration, it was a big victory for the 100 plus local governments and tens of thousands who spoke out against it.

What was left out of the story is that, prior to the federal decision, the State of South Carolina issued  permits to drilling companies to explore through seismic testing.  While the issue is generally regulated by the Federal Government, through the Coastal Zone Management Act,  the states have a say.  The act acknowledges there can be an impact onshore from what happens offshore. Department of Health and Environmental  Control staff issued permits because they do not foresee an impact.  A number of organizations, including the Cities of Beaufort and Charleston, are challenging the three permits that have been issued.

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