We’re More And More Underwater Each Year

13 Jun We’re More And More Underwater Each Year

With all the back and forth about believing or not believing scientists and the reasons for climate change, one thing is for certain: between the king tides and increasing occurrence of rain events our region is flooded.

Fortunately, there is a conceptual plan for mitigating potential flooding like that which hit the west bank of Mossy Oaks during Hurricane Matthew causing much damage and personal loss to property in flooded homes.

Once the City is reimbursed by FEMA for Hurricane Mathew damage and clean-up, we will be seeking funding from FEMA for a mitigation plan where First Boulevard storm water overflows into the marshes of Battery Creek merging with the incoming tide to flood the area. If we are not successful with FEMA, we will continue to seek funding from any sources we can find.

Coastal flooding increasing by ‘leaps and bounds’ in South Carolina, Georgia