What’s next on Ladys Island?

30 Jan What’s next on Ladys Island?

I am happy to announce that County Council, Town of Port Royal and City of Beaufort officials have agreed to a collaborative planning effort to update previous master planning for Ladys Island.

Traffic is one issue, and the traffic study is underway, but before we make costly decisions seeking outside help for funding new and/or expanded roads, one has to vision what the Island and its citizens want to see in the future.  That may or may not make currently being developed responses to the traffic study headed in the right direction or not.

That said, I agree with County Council Chairman that regardless of the plan and/or traffic proposals we must immediately put a bandaid on the intersection of Sea Island Parkway and Ladys Island Drive.  The mandated right turn, instead of going straight across toward the McTeer Bridge is very inefficient and should be fixed thereby easing the burden of very long lines in  the left lane.

The Coastal Conservation League and Sea Island Corridor Coalition have rescheduled the community planning session for February 16th at Ladys Island Middle School.  More to come.

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