Young Leaders of Beaufort Kick off 3rd Year

12 Sep Young Leaders of Beaufort Kick off 3rd Year

Last week the third class of Young Leaders of Beaufort launched the 2016-2017 program. Meeting at City Hall, from 10a-2:30p, the students toured the building and met with the City Manager Bill Prokop and Clerk to City Council Ivette Burgess who provided an overview of the city departments and their responsibilities.  I took them in the City Council where each student came to the microphone and introduced herself or himself in manner reflecting what citizens do when the address us in our meetings.

Unlike our first two classes, this group of four students from each of 10 middle schools in northern Beaufort County was ready on day one likely because their school liaisons briefed them or because students from one of the previous two classes explained what to expect.

Along with each educational component of our meetings Wade Bishop, from the prevention Beaufort County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Department, leads the students in group building exercises that help them get to know each other and work together as a team.

Out next session is on October 18th at the City of Beaufort Municipal Court building where City Judge Ned Tupper will preside over a mock trial where each student is assigned as a witness,  a juror, defense or prosecuting attorney.  The court session will be followed by a visit to the City Police Department to learn about local law enforcement.

While I have in the past  personally funded the out of pocket costs of the program, BCADAD provided a small grant for this year. I will of course fund the difference.

If you would like to see the students present their cases to Judge Tupper and watch the jury announce a decision, please feel free to join and sit in the back of the court room starting at 10 AM on October 18th.