Young Leaders of Beaufort: Marine recruits for the day

25 Apr Young Leaders of Beaufort: Marine recruits for the day

Last week the Young Leaders of Beaufort were hosted by officials from Marine Training Depot Parris Island where “Marines are made.” The occasion, in addition to our other programs, was the students  celebrated the Month of the Military Child while experiencing a day-in-the-life of a Marine recruit. Led by drill instructor Sgt. Cousins, the “recruits” were challenged to shift from middle school student to Marine in training.

Once off the bus, the group immediately learned how recruits are expected to stand and move: in formation as one unit (silently). Replying only “Hi Ma’am” and “Yes Ma’am” to Sgt. Cousins, students learned a new level of respect for their teachers and each other.

After touring the grounds to learn Marine Corps history including stops at the Iwo Jima Monument and the Yellow Footprints, YLOB “recruits” headed to the Confidence Course. There students watched Marines move through the obstacles. Following the example, students conquered their fears and challenged their limits.

“It was exhausting but it helped us learn about discipline,” said Cady Wilson - Beaufort Academy.

The day concluded with lunch in the Mess Hall where recruits eat their meals.

Many thanks to Sgt. Cousins and the many others who made the day possible. Students proudly took their United States Marine Corps bag, t-shirt and canteen home - mementos of a challenging day to gain a new appreciation for the men and women of our military.

Thank you Parris Island.

Bolden Elementary/Middle School’s Young Leaders of Beaufort hosted the session. These exceptional students raised funds to purchase YLOB Month of the Military t-shirts and lunch at the Chow Hall for the entire YLOB group. Thank you Bolden Elementary/Middle School for your efforts going above and beyond.

“When I hear military, I know they’re important. I had no idea how much they go through until now,” said Alyssa Lewis - Beaufort Academy.