A Lasting Legacy: Our Friend Jim Neighbors

15 Jan A Lasting Legacy: Our Friend Jim Neighbors

Beaufort lost a giant.

When I returned to live full-time in Beaufort more than twenty years ago, one of the first calls I received was from Jim Neighbors who was the President of the Savings Bank of Beaufort. He asked me to visit him at the Bank. Yes, he got my business and financed the home.  Much more importantly, Jim became more than my banker. He became my friend and mentor.

Though our personal politics at the start were not in always in sync, our love for our hometown was.  Jim became a trusted adviser when I served in the S.C. Legislator, on City Council and as Mayor.

Having been away from Beaufort for 26 years, Jim graciously grounded me on “matters of Beaufort” including the importance of maintaining our city’s historic character, the need to protect and save trees and the importance of maintaining open space and parks.  I would be remiss if I did not mention the lessons of Patriotism from this tireless  advocate for veterans who, along with the late Jimmy Leach and others, introduced me to the importance of growing our very important national cemetery as a cornerstone of our past, present and future.

Jim imparted upon me the importance of civility, transparency and the significance of hometown values and character.

Due to his illness, Jim had been on the sidelines for the past several years though his tutelage of years stuck with me.

Although Jim is gone, I know his kind and gentle manner and his principled approach to government and community stewardship will always be with me and the many others whose lives Jim touched in business and as a public steward of our wonderful city.

Jim Neighbors’ positive  impact on me and our community will last forever.

Thank you Jim.
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