Beaufort, SC Mayor Billy Keyserling

Welcome to Beaufort, South Carolina!


The Queen Of The Sea Islands…

Beaufort, SC Mayor Billy Keyserling

I can think of no higher
honor than to be the Mayor
of my hometown.
~ Billy K.

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Beaufort, South Carolina is the most charming small coastal town in the Lowcountry. Explore & learn why I think it’s the best place to Live, Work & Stay. ~ Billy K.



  • A Breath of Fresh Air: City Manager Does Bi-Weekly Reports

    City Manager Bill Prokop is very engaged with the city council and the public as the Chief Executive of the City. Prokop oversees our many active  projects.  He also learns with his ears and not his mouth. During Regular City Council meetings (2nd and 4th Tuesdays......

  • Airbnb: Another quality of life issue

    As our small city grows and we hopefully continue to do an exponentially good job attracting visitors, we are likely to face some of the growing pains that other cities seem to be struggling with.   When in Genoa Italy, I had the good fortune......

  • Beaufort Arts Council Announces Mather Academy

    News Release from Beaufort Art Council BEAUFORT, SC- Beaufort Arts Council announces Mather Academy as the name of BAC’s educational initiatives. Similar to Penland, Haystack, and other craft schools throughout the nation, Mather Academy offers a variety of art classes and extended courses ranging in......

  • A Great Weekend

    What a Great Weekend!   Being Mayor gives me a front row seat at many exciting events that happen in our special community. Schedule conflicts sometimes make it impossible to be everywhere but I do my best to support as much as I can.  ......

  • An Interesting Exchange

    Here is an interesting exchange between a man from Arizona and I. It came out of the blue and I could well have considered it junk mail and not responded but I decided to respond and am happy I did. EMAIL I RECEIVED: “Good Evening......

  • An Opportunity to Help Others

    The Salvation Army is in need of volunteers for the Christmas season.  Please help them find volunteers. BKMessage from The Salvation Army: We have been blessed by being able to add more locations where we are able to have kettles and “ring our bells.”  This......




  • Blizzard Impacts Coastal Tides More than Hurricane

    As I have pursued a higher level of understanding about sea level rise and storm surge, I never considered snow.  Perhaps that is because it is not in my backyard.  It appears that the mid-Atlantic coast learned that a blizzard, like a hurricane of heavy......

  • Mayor Wins NC Election Over Off-Shore Testing and Drilling

    Emilie Swearingen became a powerful force and leader in her community when she took on and defeated her pro-oil mayor in a small NC town. I was fortunate to participate in a meeting with Emilie in Washington several months ago and am very impressed by the......

  • Out Front Again: Boating Education

    The Post and Courier ran a story over the weekend which suggests that the people of SC are tired of  unnecessary boating accidents.  There is a public call for boating education and some believe it should be mandatory. Thanks to the partnership between the Spirit......