A Little Grassroots Pressure Can Make a Difference in Swaying Congress

18 Nov A Little Grassroots Pressure Can Make a Difference in Swaying Congress

Three of SC’s seven Congressmen oppose offshore drilling. At first, there was only one.  Citizens working north from Georgetown up to the NC boarder have been working hard to convince their member of Congress to back off his support for drilling.  Congressmen Clyburn and Sanford have been opposed.  Now we have two US Senators and a Governor to convince.

The tourism industry means about $1.2 billion, $221 million in payroll and 13,000 jobs in Beaufort County.  Is it worth losing them when there is not enough oil off our coast to make a difference and we as a nation are on the verge of being energy independent?  BK

Rice joins coastal protection chorus


Coastal South Carolina is a diverse region representing a broad range of people, incomes and lifestyles from Hilton Head to North Myrtle Beach.

But there’s one sentiment that residents share — their love of the coast, with its beaches, its marshes, rivers and creeks. They don’t want to see it fouled with the byproducts of offshore oil drilling or by oil spills.

Over the last year, 23 local governments have made that sentiment crystal clear as they have approved resolutions opposing oil exploration and offshore drilling.

We can’t think of any single issue on which coastal residents are more unified. That unity should be recognized by those elected officials who are in a position to make a change in the federal government’s plans to open the Atlantic to offshore exploration next year.