A method to the madness

01 Jun A method to the madness

For a Mayor of a small city, I know I step out in front of issues that may not pose  a present threat or new opportunity. I suspect some believe I am a bit wacky; I believe part of my job is to look to the future and sometimes that includes some seemingly wacky ideas.

As I tell students when I visit schools, I am a bridge between my parent’s generation and theirs.  My parents and my friends’ parents worked hard to create this special hometown. City Council and I work to make it even better so that we give the best we can to the next generation.

So if you think talking about evidence of rising sea levels, the threat of drilling offshore and even self driving cars is wacky, there is a method to my madness.  I am trying to educate the next generation about planning and stewardship as their turn will soon come and they need to be thinking about these kinds of issues.

 Impact of self driving cars