Another Downtown Icon

07 Feb Another Downtown Icon

In last week’s post I mentioned a significant number of downtown businesses in transformed downtown spaces.   I am not sure how I could have missed Jeff and Kimberly Bisger’s fabulous restoration of the landmark historic Lipsitz Department Store. The restoration was quickly occupied  by a a new upscale food store, Artist Studio’s and Tony Royal’s renowned Bay Street Outfitters.  The structure, with studios above and retail below, may be the largest wooden structure in Beaufort.

For those who do not know, Bay Street Outfitters sets a standard, as with his four captains/guides, they attract visitors — from far and near for fly fishing expeditions — who stay in our lodging facilities, eat in our restaurants and shop throughout town. Bay Street Outfitters is among the largest Outfitters on the Coast.  If all retailers could generate such collaborative business arrangements with other businesses we would have a winning model.

The upstairs, called Artlier, is accessed on Scott Street. The Lipsitz family lived for a number of years upstairs before it was converted into 14 working art studios. Artists work in a variety of mediums and styles, and we welcome the public into our studios.