Another Gift to the People of Beaufort

27 Jun Another Gift to the People of Beaufort

It seems like just weeks ago when I met Pastor Randy Roberts and his wife Pastor Theresa Roberts. They wanted to share with me their congregation’s plans to re-open the Family Bowling Center on Ribaut Road.

Knowing that one of our communities challenges is to find safe place, constructive activities and mentoring by those who can teach them, I jumped on board with support financial and otherwise.

It must have been more that a few weeks ago, because since that meeting the Bowling Center has been renovated and reopened, there are recreational, educational and social programs for young people at the Center.  Equally important Pastor Theresa, again with the support of her congregation and the community, has opened after school and summer programs for some of our young people.

And on Saturday after a long wait by many anxious to play young people, the Laser Tag Room is now up and running.

While I admire Pastors Randy and Theresa, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge their congregation members and other members of the community for the support they provide.

Thanks to all for doing your part to make Beaufort a better place for ALL


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