Artist in Residence?

29 Feb Artist in Residence?

The article below offers a unique concept embraced by Boston where artists connect with city departments. I believe a program such as this may be too bold a move for a small city like Beaufort. However, we may learn something which we could apply to our small hometown city.

John Trask III and Dick Stewart have proposed to the city the concept of small houses in the greater downtown that could provide affordable living and studio space to artists who see Beaufort as a destination to live and work. This is not just about housing. The concept ties to it the economic driver - art.

There are several issues to be worked through but this is an idea worth pursuing as it weaves affordable housing, economic development and regenerating neighborhoods together.

Again, the story about Boston is not directly tied to what can be done immediately in Beaufort. It does, however, show the impetus of cities to accommodate and promote the arts which few would doubt is important to our unique home town.


City Government the Latest to Embrace Artists-in-Residence