Boardwalk fence blocks the view?

31 Jan Boardwalk fence blocks the view?

To say I was aghast to see what appears to have been a mistake on the boardwalk along the rejuvenated Boundary Street corridor in an understatement.  The intent was for safety railing but it appears the carpenters overbuilt and created a fence with pickets that create a barrier to the intended view shed we planned.

This was a mistake. The fence pickets will be replaced with cabling that will enable one to see through to the vista which is an important component of the finished product.  To make sure this works, the next section of the boardwalk will be built with the cabling and if that works as intended the others will be fixed to  what was envisioned by City Council and the public.

Thanks to city manager Bill Prokop and Senior Project Manager Neal Puglese for fixing this mistake.