Boardwalk Views Will be Preserved!

07 Mar Boardwalk Views Will be Preserved!

Though I have written about this is my newsletter and responded to about 5o emails, it appears from the following letter in the Packet/Gazette that some do not know the horizontal boards on the Boundary Street Boardwalk were not intended and will be replaced by steel cables.

“We are spending literally millions of dollars on the Boundary Street improvements, eliminating eyesore overhead lines, ugly chain link fences, and non-existent sidewalks. Removing buildings to open up the waterfront view is commendable and with the proposed vegetation it will make entry to Beaufort a pleasant experience.

I was delighted to see that the lack of sidewalks was being corrected with two new boardwalks, only to be devastated by the unconscionable use of multiple wooden barriers between the posts that block the waterfront view from the road.

For less than a tenth of the cost of materials and installation of these barriers, they could have used the technique where stainless cables are run through holes in the posts and tightened by a turnbuckle to provide adequate safety and uninterrupted view.

There is still time to save the second boardwalk.”




Dear Ms Foster

Thanks for the heads up on the mistake relative to the horizontal boards on the boardwalks that compensate for lack of right of way for appropriate sidewalks on the south side of Boundary Street.  The day the horizontal boards were erected, the City recognized the mistake and issued a change order for not only the additional walks but for the one that must be changed.  Unfortunately, I have been told that the change order reflects the cost of the cables is considerably more expensive than the wood, but this is not a place to pinch pennies and fortunately there are contingency funds set aside for issues like this.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your view. You are correct and the changes will be made.

-Billy K