Building Moratoriums?

29 Aug Building Moratoriums?

While after reading this, I do not think it would be fair to suggest that the Sea Island Corridor Coalition is calling for a building moratorium, but I thank them for putting it out as an option for public discussion.

I cannot off hand think of any “large tracts” in the City, like the ones on Ladys Island some of which are like enclaves.  Yes, White Hall is in the planning stages and will have to mitigate any traffic impacts. At the same time the White Hall type development is what planners, the City’s Civic Master Plan and our new development code prescribe. Furthermore, White concepts seem to fit well into the Sea Island Corridor Coalition/Coastal Conservation League recommendations from their study.

I understand that Upper Cane Island is is under contract and the developer is planning a community with considerably lower density than approved by the County years ago and inherited by the City.

Both tracts are adjacent to bridges that get one off island so I do not see where they impact other than commercial areas and principal intersections where road improvements have been endorsed by The City of Beaufort, The Northern Regional Planning Implementation Committee, the Beaufort Port Royal Metropolitan Planning Commission and will soon be heard and hopefully supported by Beaufort County and the Town of Port Royal.

That said, moratoriums — though I do not see a need in the City — are worthy of consideration and appreciate the Sea Island Corridor Commission for putting the concept on the table.



Building Moratoriums Not Uncommon In South Carolina