Capital Projects: Update

11 Sep Capital Projects: Update

At the beginning of the New Year,  I reported that during 2015 we would be very busy with some of the largest undertakings the city has made in years, if not ever. Over the past few weeks, I have received a number of inquiries about the status of these projects. The following is an update:
Firehouse construction is underway, on schedule and on budget.  The related storm water project, that will serve the firehouse, the adjacent bowling center and land behind both making room for private residential development, will begin soon.

Allison Road Drainage and Path Project. The project is designed and money is in place. The City is waiting for SCDOT approvals, after which the project will be let out for bid and then begin construction.  The project also includes a connector from the Spanish Moss Trail to Beaufort Memorial Hospital campus.

Boundary Street Redevelopment.  All plans have been approved by SCDOT and Federal Highway Administration, an acceptable bid for construction is in the County’s hand, which is managing the project with the City, for approval. The County Council’s  Public Facilities Committee recommended to County Council that the County Administrator be authorized to sign the documents so the construction crews can begin to mobilize.  The project is fully funded with dollars coming from The County Penny Sales Tax, A grant from the Federal dollars and funds collected over the years in the City Tax Incremental Finance District.  Some of the cost for underground utilities will be added to utility bills until paid for.  Once construction starts, the county and city will post progress reports on our respective websites. In addition, there will be regular meetings at which questions can be answered.

Day Dock. Conceptual plans have okay from City Council and the engineer has begun permitting process. Only after the permits are issued will actual construction drawings be developed so the bids can go out for construction. Funding from state, federal and city is in place. In my view, I doubt the project can be completed by summer unless the process moves faster than I anticipate. We will, of course, try.

Southside Sidewalk Improvements.  Plans and funding are in place. Waiting for SCDOT approvals after which the project will be bid and construction will begin.

Southside Park.  Area for Dog Park has been almost completely cleared. The City is negotiating with fence contractors regarding installation of fencing around a large dog park and a small dog park, adjacent to each other.  Tree farm, to grow trees to replace dying ones, has been started.  Walking Trail has been laid out conceptually. Materials are on-site but need to be ground into appropriate surface material.

Duke Street Streetscape.  Completed. Washington Street Park Improvements including restrooms.  Still waiting for the owner of the land to assign it to the City so it will qualify for federal and state matching dollars.  As soon as this transaction takes place, the City will apply for funding for restrooms. In the event the City ceases to maintain and operate the park, the land will revert to the owners.

Spanish Moss Trail.  The crews are hard at work constructing the county section of the trail which runs from the Depot area to Broad River Road from which the section running to Roseida in Burton is already completed. Once the county section is completed, Cox and Path Foundations $2 million contribution, matched by $750,000 in local private and perhaps county money, will proceed to Clarendon Road.  Finally, as soon as there is a resolution to the Port of Port Royal property sale, the trail will cross Ribaut Road and run down to the Sands in Port Royal. Still a lot of pieces to put together and fundraising by the Friends of the Spanish Moss Trail (please donate if you have not already).  My hope is that the complete 11.5 +/- miles can be completed within the next 9-12 months.