Challenges posed by SC’s Act 388

29 Aug Challenges posed by SC’s Act 388

While this is about Lexington county and not Beaufort county, we share the same challenges posed by SC’s Act 388

All local governments are pressed by demands as school taxes are put solely on businesses, commercial and residential renters and property taxes are capped artificially by the State.

As it relates to Beaufort it also points to the imbalance since we have so few new non retail and non hospitality jobs which makes home ownership less affordable in Beaufort than elsewhere.

By putting as much, not necessarily more, emphasis on growing existing businesses and recruiting new businesses with better paying jobs closer to home is one way we can balance the ill effects of 388. At the same time we can keep our hometown more authentic with a balance between tourism, retirement living and good clean jobs. This balance is critical to our sustainability.

Lexington officials struggle with benefits, costs of booming home construction