Citizens and law enforcement stick together

01 Aug Citizens and law enforcement stick together

As we see escalating violence at home and abroad, many Beaufort area residents are doing their best to stay calm and stick together.

While,  like any other unsuspecting community, we could be overtaken by violence among and against citizens and the men and women who who keep us safe. I must applaud the many who are doing all within their power to spot potential challenges and to avoid discord.

No less than once a month, citizens young and old, gather in the downtown Washington Street Park to get to know each other, talk and pray against violence and for a peaceful life in their hometown.

Last week I wrote about the gathering for young people. This week it was adults who came together with song and prayer for a safer community, better lines of communication between law enforcement and the community and staying tightly woven together as a community that cares.

Kudos to the organizers, our Police Chief, officers and our firefighters who join in on the conversation.

Beaufort is very special.  Let’s keep it that way.

Some of the events are publicized while others are not.  Look for future events and stop by to meet your neighbors, police officers and fire fighters.