City Manager’s Report - May 10

Bill Prokop

16 May City Manager’s Report - May 10

The following is a summary of City Manager Bill Prokop’s Report to City Council last week.

CITY MANAGER’S COMMENTS                                                                                                                               MAY 10TH, 2016


Tonight we are using a new format to present to you our budget request for the 2017-18 fiscal year.

We have developed a standard format for each department and it will clearly show you their requested expenses as well as the agreed budget amount that we are bringing forward. In addition, it shows their departments accomplishments, their biggest needs, their goals for the upcoming year, and lastly they will address any questions that you may have.

Also, if anyone is interested in the very details of the budget we will be happy to set a time to go over the individual expenses and answer any questions.

I have to again say, that all our departments did an outstanding job in developing their needs and in working with me in making the cuts that had to be made. We all understand that we are a City of 13,000 people, serving the needs of 50,000 plus every day. We would have loved to request all our needs, personnel and capital but, as you know our hands are tied by state laws, un-funded mandates, and the lack of promised state funding for maintaining assets that do not belong to the City, but need to be taken care of for safety and best practices of any local government.

Tonight you will have presentations from Police, Fire, Court, and Planning. Next Tuesday, the 17th you will see Public Works, Administration, Capital, Redevelopment, etc. and on Tuesday the 24th of May you will have my overall budget presentation. We all very much appreciate the time each of you took in visiting with each department leading up to this presentation so that you have a good understanding of the needs and funds being requested.

We all very much appreciate your support and understanding of our requests. Thank you, and now on to the Police Department.



  1. Marina inspections (diving and engineering) will be starting this week. Expect some noise from compressors in the Park.
  2. The park pavilion is being painted and the flowers are blooming – our park is starting to shine again.
  3. Southside sidewalk project constructions will be starting shortly contact was signed this week.
  4. Several infrastructure projects, Hamar Street drainage, West Street drainage, and Hancock drainage have all started or will shortly start – as I said earlier we are spending time and money on projects that are on streets that do not belong to the City, but need attention.
  5. Special congratulations to Chief Bertholf and Chief Clancy for the well-deserved recognition they both received from TCL college this past week. We are all very proud of them and what they do for the City.