Economic Development starts with a plan, not magic

28 Mar Economic Development starts with a plan, not magic

Economic Development starts with a plan, not an expectation that someone else will magically do the work.

County Council passed a resolution to stand up a working committee composed of four mayors and three representatives appointed by Beaufort County.  Months lapsed with no action. Though unanimously opposed by the four Mayors, four members of County Council ignored a proposed resolution. The Council passed a resolution and continue to negotiate an arrangement with a Regional Alliance. This would be throwing about $200,000 at a problem without a plan.

What the Mayors continue to want is a working group, as agreed to by County Council, to collaboratively develop an economic development plan. Once that is done, a Regional Alliance may make sense.  But not before there is a plan.

If you believe the best use of precious tax dollars is economic diversity, businesses taking some of the load off of residential property taxes and a brighter future for the people who grew up here, please weigh in and contact your members of County Council. Ask that they move forward with their plan rather than skirting the issue with an illusion that an Alliance will do the heavy lifting of economic development, create more diverse job options and hopefully lessen burdens on property taxes.

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