Editorial: Pave way to attract, keep younger talent

21 Oct Editorial: Pave way to attract, keep younger talent

One of the major challenges of our Redevelopment Commission is attracting more diverse job opportunities to allow those who live here, those who come to study and those who want to stay in our very special hometown.

This have for years been a huge challenge to county and municipal leaders in Beaufort County.

Aiken has tried to do so and what they are doing is worth looking at, even though we differ because Aiken has an established industrial base which we do not have.  BK

Editorial: Pave way to attract, keep younger talent



The candidates for Aiken’s mayor turned their attention to the community’s young people during a forum sponsored by USC Aiken on Wednesday, outlining ways to keep them in the community as they enter the job market.


Both Rick Osbon, a Republican, and Lessie Price, a Democrat, talked about connecting the ability to attract younger people, particularly young professionals, with the ability to attract businesses, develop a strong workforce and foster a more durable economy.


It’s positive that both candidates see this goal as being a positive leap for the city. Having a vision for keeping our resources here should be a concern for the next mayor, as well as the entire City Council and other City officials.