FEMA Assistance

17 Oct FEMA Assistance

Since Beaufort is one of the SC Counties declared a disaster, some are expecting FEMA to ride in on a big white horse to write checks to government and individuals needing assistance.  Unfortunately the process of documenting damage, determining associated costs and being certified takes longer than we would like particularly for those in need.  The process is moving forward with Beaufort County but the process will take time.

Representatives from the SC Emergency Management Division and FEMA are in the area performing the initial damage assessment. This is the first step to bring assistance to our area as part of the Federal Declaration for Individual Assistance. Following the initial assessment, the Federal Declaration process will be completed and local offices will be set up where individuals will be able to apply. The information will be disseminated as quickly as possible to City Residents. (I am sure this will be the case in other jurisdictions.)

While we wait for the federally declared individual assistance to be activated, we are told that citizens can apply online at  http://www.disasterassistance.gov/

Meanwhile, if you have not already contacted your personal and real property insurance company, we encourage you to do that as soon as possible. Do not delay this contact while you wait for the federal and state assistance application process to begin.

Residents impacted by Hurricane Matthew can apply for FEMA assistance