From System Blindness to System Sight

10 Oct From System Blindness to System Sight

At one Beaufort’s United Interfaith Council meetings I learned about this event.


Beaufort SC Interfaith Community and Friends are taking part in
the World Wide Week of Partnership of Power + Systems Inc

The meeting of diverse cultures – whether in the organization, community, or society – too often results in destructive conflicts, the suppression of one culture by another, WE versus THEM attitudes, wasted energies, and lost possibilities.

‘When Cultures Meet’ - WCM -is a simulation that offers opportunities to:
A greater appreciation for cultural difference; Insight into the way in which differences add to
organizational and community effectiveness;

An Opportunity for building relationships and networks that span professional, organizational, community and cultural boundaries WCM doesn’t assume that anyone is right or wrong. What it demonstrates is that there are certain predictable dynamics that are set in motion by cultural difference.

Rabbi Dr. TZiPi Radonsky & Reverend Dr. Jack Bomar invite you
On November 4th, 2017
We are sponsoring a workshop: St. John’s Lutheran Church Parish rooms
We will meet from 8:30 to 3:00

Bringing together diverse cultures, and capitalizing on the various gifts each brings, is the key to creating healthy, durable human organizations and communities. Yet the meeting of diverse cultures too often results in destructive conflicts, unresolved issues, the suppression of one culture by another, WE versus THEM attitudes, wasted energies, and lost possibilities.

WCM clarifies the deep emotional issues that come into play as cultures meet, the challenges faced by all parties. WCM offers no simplified answers to these challenging processes, but it does provide a deep emotional understanding of the personal challenges involved and a framework for creating robust human systems that capitalize on the unique capabilities and contributions of its diverse partners.
How does the WCM Workshop work?
This is a one-day workshop involving two dynamic exercises involving the meeting of differing cultures.
The morning exercise focuses on dominance. An organization with its traditional ways of working faces the challenge of incorporating people with different traditions, while the “others” face the challenges of entering the dominant culture.
In the afternoon exercise four organizations develop their unique cultures and then face the process of being acquired by a culture different from their own.
Together these activities provide the emotional and knowledge base for developing a single organization or community more robust than any of its partners.

What does the WCM Workshop accomplish?
• A deeper understanding of the human issues involved in the meeting of diverse cultures.
• An appreciation for the value of organizational cultures different from one’s own.
• A recognition of the implications of being “dominant” and “other.”
• Increased confidence in one’s ability to function effectively in the meeting of cultures.
• A concrete framework for developing vibrant organizations that maximize the contributions of its members

From System Blindness to System Sight. Although we are arguably among the most social of all creatures – members of families, communities, teams, organizations, voluntary agencies, faith groups – we tend to be blind to the systems of which we are a part.
We fail to see how those systems shape our experiences of ourselves and others.

System blindness is costly: broken relationships, unnecessary stress, destructive conflict, lost opportunities, diminished effectiveness, and, in the extreme, bigotry and oppression.