Give it a shot – Beaufort SC Drum Circle 2nd Monday of month in Park

29 Aug Give it a shot – Beaufort SC Drum Circle 2nd Monday of month in Park

Starting on September 11th and on the second Monday of each month thereafter, the Beaufort Drum Circle will hold an event in the Contemplative Garden at the Henry C Chambers Waterfront Park.  (West end nearest marina)

Note from the founders:

We started our drum circle in May and once the weather cools off a bit, we will gather regularly (monthly) at the Chambers Waterfront Park in the “Contemplative Circle” between  5:30-7:00 PM on the 2nd Monday of each month. The sessions are free and open to the public. Walk or stroll-ins are encouraged. No particular drumming skills are required. Some may drum rhythmically on a 5 gallon plastic bucket! There will be a Facilitator for each session to orchestrate the activity and make sure the rules of etiquette for drum circles are followed. We will discourage any use of tobacco or consumption of any form of alcohol while participating the sessions.

The BSCDC will present a rich cultural experience that promotes friendship and harmony. We believe it will be a welcome addition to activities downtown that will attract residents, including members of the Gullah Community in the Sea Islands, and tourists alike to come down town, enjoy the captivating rhythms, either as a player or as a spectator. It will provide a regular early evening event that will attract visitors from the downtown B&B’s, especially on a relatively quiet night of the week. It also will be a safe, family-oriented event that we believe will help invigorate community spirit in a healthy and communal manner in a family safe environment.

We have a Facebook page (Facebook/beaufortscdrumcircle) and an email account at and business cards, all used to communicate with folks who may be interested in our exciting new group.

Lanny Kraus and Jane Caffrey

Co-Founders, Beaufort S Drum Circle


Drum circle keeps the beat going