Graduate Students from NYU Helping Us

12 Nov Graduate Students from NYU Helping Us

While attending the Mayors Institute for City Design over the summer, I met the US Conference of Mayors Associate Director who is also a part-time faculty member at New York University. As we spoke about a number of things, he told me about a graduate program where candidates do a real time pro bono assignment for an outside institution as their final project.  I asked if Beaufort might be eligible and he put me in touch with the professor of tourism marketing. Robb Wells, Beaufort’s Vice President of Tourism, and I submitted two proposals.  Both were accepted.


Consequently, the The City and our Designated Marketing Organization (Chamber of Commerce) are fortunate to have eight graduate students from NYU’s Graduate School of Business working with us.  The group is studying strategies for marketing Beaufort as a Wellness Destination as well as the Beaufort History Museum, the Santa Elena project and perhaps even a Reconstruction Hub that would direct visitors to the more than 100 historic sites throughout Beaufort County.  The students visited Beaufort for three days last week where they learned about our city and took an inventory of cultural and health related assets for their study. BK