Harriet Tubman’s Path to Freedom

28 Feb Harriet Tubman’s Path to Freedom

“God’s time is always near. He set the North Star in the heavens. He gave me the strength in my limbs. He meant I should be free.” Harriet Tubman

If you have not noticed, almost anywhere you look in the news and periodicals, someone is writing about individuals, missions and some of the unsung heroes of the Reconstruction period. This is likely why so many supported the establishment of a National Reconstruction Monument in the Beaufort.

Not a day goes by when I do not hear of a statue being raised, a dramatic presentation about an individual or the unfurling of a newly uncovered piece of the history.  Not just in Beaufort, but across the state and nation!  Just last week, a young writer sent me a printers galley of a book about Robert Smalls, the third  I can count in recent years and at the Beaufort International Film Festival there was talk about a script for a feature film on Congressman Smalls and his ascension from slavery to the US Congress. A few weeks ago, I went to Charleston to see a new play on the life Harriet Tubman.

Below is an interesting story from the Washington Post.  No it is not especially about Beaufort, but it is about a heroine who made a huge mark in Beaufort  which demonstrates there is so much to learn about our past and how a better understanding of the past can improve our future.

Harriet Tubman’s Path to Freedom