He may have left us but he will never be “gone”

14 Mar He may have left us but he will never be “gone”

Last week a reporter visited my house to talk about the legacy of Pat Conroy. She asked what it would be like now that he has gone.  I turned to my book case and pointed out a row of Conroy’s works. I responded that of course the live interactions will no longer be possible but we are so fortunate that we can always pick up anyone of the books. We can always have a conversation with Pat.  Those who did not know him can read line by line and recapture his spirit and those who knew him can continue to read between the lines.

How often does a loved one leave such a legacy? We are gifted with the potential for touching base almost in real time with the spirit and creativity of one of America’s best story tellers.

I am told that we might one day just see a living legacy for this dear friend through an entity that will keep his contributions alive as well as serve as a guiding light for new writers and students. Together we could make something like this happen. And perhaps I should say we would be foolish if we did not do it.

I think it can happen.  More later.