I ask skeptics to at least listen.

28 Oct I ask skeptics to at least listen.

The day I left Beaufort for the National Rising Sea Levels Conference, I received the following from a Beaufort businessman:


Hello Mayor:  As I read your comments about Sea Level rise, I’m discouraged about investing in Beaufort.  Do you recommend we should stop?  I have been operating on the belief that there are a number of manes by which this matter can and will be addressed.  Is there any cause for optimism that might encourage investment?     



My response followed:


Dear Beaufort Businessman,

Thanks for your note. As I recall, you sent this same note six months ago and I suggested you tune into the (Beaufort Port Royal Rising Sea Levels) Task Force’s conversation chaired by Chris Marsh, NOAA and sea grant. 


 At this time we have identified areas most at risk and are working to educate the public because one day soon, someone will have to make decisions that require money. If I have anything to do with it we will be shovel ready and at the front of the line when federal infrastructure grants are available for rising sea level rise resilience.   
These are problems that can be addressed. Accordingly if you were (are) a smart investor, which I know you are,  I would think you’d be comforted that the public is concerned and wants to solve rather that ignore reality.  I would suggest you ask to see the presentation.  And thanks again for sharing your concern.

Billy Keyserling
A few days after my return I started collecting photos of the impact of the King Tide in Beaufort which is, in my adult memory higher than anything I have seen short of a huge storm.
From listening to  the stories and case studies of the 37 other participants from throughout the coastal US, I was a little relieved that challenges in the City of Beaufort can be managed if we get start planning.
Again, I do not believe the sky is falling in. I do believe we owe it to the next generation to prepare them and our city for the challenges that lie ahead.