Ice skating coming to Beaufort?

26 Aug Ice skating coming to Beaufort?

Artificial ice for serious skaters is not the real thing. Ice skating in Beaufort is not Beaufort and therefore artificial.

The city tying up part of the park for roughly a month by partnering with a for profit company for a period of years, so the contractor can amortize the cost, while understandable, is a risk for city and contractor is a new challenge.

At the same time I know there are young people looking for new and interesting things to do is important.

 In my mind the jury is out until we can get more answers.

Meanwhile I think late afternoon/early evenings with youth concerts and other local entertainment like church choir holiday programs could draw many downtown to shop, eat and enjoy. The talent show is as I recall the most highly attended at Water Festival because parents siblings, grand parents and family friends come to see people perform.

This is more authentic and more Beaufort while also raising the unique cultural asset.

I am sure counsel will, working with the chamber and Amazing Rentals, make the right decision.

Though I struggle with authenticity, a one year trial might make sense but not a multi year contract.

Stay tuned.