11 Apr Jobs

Last week I wrote about young people leaving Beaufort. It’s my understanding that good jobs and less than affordable housing are sending them the signal to leave.

More than any email this year, I heard from literally dozens of people, young and older,  through email and Facebook messages.  Some live here, but many reached through Facebook are natives who would like to come home but cannot find jobs.

Councilman Stephen Murray is leading economic diversification efforts for the City Redevelopment Commission and City Council.  He is making headway on a couple of fronts.  But, like the ship traveling full speed making a sharp turn, is not easy.  We have the vision and we have the personal commitment to tackle this issue.

Thank you to the individuals who have stepped up in response to my call-to-action for help from experienced retirees.  We need and appreciate your help.  If you know anyone else, are disposed to work on technology-based job opportunities or if you have experience at small manufacturing, please let Stephen or I know.

Thanks Beaufort for coming to the plate.  Let’s get to first base and move the players around the bases. Home runs are neither likely nor the best use of time and resources.