LIPA Tuesday Meeting Reminder

13 Jun LIPA Tuesday Meeting Reminder






Mr. Beckert was elected as Beaufort County Auditor in November 2014 and was sworn into office in July 2015 replacing Sharon Burris who retired from the office after 27 years of service.  Prior to assuming the duties of County Auditor he was the founder and manager of Pinpoint Document Solutions. A graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a BS in Education his past experience includes serving as director of Human Resources at Beaufort Memorial Hospital, and manager of human resources student recruitment and job placement for the Cincinnati Job Corps.  He is a retired U. S. Army reservist and served as the District 4 representative on the Beaufort County School Board.


The County Auditor is instrumental in the collection of property tax by preparing and maintaining the tax roll. The primary responsibilities of the County Auditor are to assemble the county’s records of real and personal property and to calculate individual property taxes to be paid each year. He prepares the official tax book, which lists the owners of taxable property, the real and personal property that they own, and the equalized value of that property. He then provides a copy of the tax book to the Treasurer. This book is the Treasurer’s warrant for the collection of taxes, assessments and penalties. Mr. Beckert has been asked to include the following in his discussion with the members of LIBPA.


¨ First impressions of the task which you have assumed.

¨ What are the biggest challenges faced by the Auditor’s office?

¨ What is your office’s role in the preparation of the individual property owner’s tax bill?

¨ What changes have you made to date and what additional changes are planned?

¨ Is the Auditor’s office prepared for the increase in population growth?

¨ Is the Beaufort County tax base increasing in size?


Meeting Tuesday, June 14, 8 AM

Beaufort County Association of Realtor’s Headquarters

Palmetto Business Park, Lady’s Island Drive

22 Kemmerlin Lane

Invite your friends and neighbors!