National Monument in Beaufort

17 Oct National Monument in Beaufort

For about 16 years, many Beaufort residents have worked diligently to encourage the National Park Service of the US Department of the Interior to create a national monument in Beaufort to remember the Reconstruction Era because Beaufort has a larger and more complete story to tell than any other community in the US.

The NPS conducted a regional study to determine the most appropriate site for such a monument. While they have not made a formal announcement, two of the panelists who worked on the study are giving us a preview of where we stand.

The following is an opinion piece that appeared in the Washington Post last Sunday.  History scholars and the general public should find it a sign of hope that we are finally moving forward.

This could be good for our residents and a strong attraction to tourists who want to get a better understanding of our nations history and what it tells about the past and possibly the future.

The perfect spot for a reckoning with Reconstruction


Washington Post