On Time and on Budget - Boundary Street

13 Jun On Time and on Budget - Boundary Street

The redevelopment of the Boundary Street Gateway to our historic and beautiful city is progressing even though some days it is difficult to see what if anything is happening.  Neal Pugliese  is charged with overseeing this complicated, expensive and very important project. He watches over it like a hawk.

To give a little insight in to the oversight, I attach the following which is a sample one of Neal’s updates which is sent to property owners along the corridor and members of the redevelopment team working on the project.

Boundary Street Update, Road Restrictions & Water Outages
June 9th – 16th

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The following is the weekly Boundary Street Project update. This was a particularly difficult week from a production standpoint given the rain. Next week is expected to be more productive. Regardless, Boundary Street is beginning to take shape. Barring anything unusual, we should be completing the most difficult part of the project within the next 6 weeks. Thank you for your continued patience.


1. Please see the attached map for a graphical depiction of next weeks projected Boundary Street work. Construction is occurring in twelve (12) locations on Boundary Street. Between today and next Friday (June 16th), traffic backups may occur periodically especially during sidewalk and curb construction, but main roads are not expected to be closed unless dictated by an emergency.

2. From today, June 9th - June 16th between the hours of 7am and 6pm, North side duct bank work will be done numerous locations from Sycamore Street to Polk Street. Additionally, there will be underground bore work done on both the North and South ends of Boundary Street. The duct bank work may disrupt traffic periodically, but the bore work will be generally less disruptive.

3. SCE&G (Electric) will be setting transformers pads and pulling electrical lines through the newly constructed North side duct bank from Starbucks to the Outback Steakhouse on the North side of Boundary Street. Traffic disruptions are not expected.

4. There will be major excavation work done in the vicinity of Sea Square to remove a storage tank in the path of the duct bank. Traffic disruptions are not expected but traffic within Sea Square may experience periodic interruptions.

5. If you have questions or would like to chat in person, please feel free to contact me anytime me at 843-470-3512 or npugliese@cityofbeaufort.org. As always, if you do not receive a response from me by email, please do not hesitate to call me.

Have a terrific weekend.
Neal Pugliese
Director of Public Projects and Facilities
Military Liaison

Boundary Street Map June 9 - 16