One of my favorite art pieces - Diversity

29 Aug One of my favorite art pieces - Diversity

As the country and world experience  trying times in terms of tolerance and diversity, Beaufort is faring very well with groups coming together to talk about differences while driving home the point that we all have more in common than difference and that as a community we must not be corrupted by division and hate.  Two weeks ago there was the Vigil at the Henry C Chambers Waterfront Park and last week Love House Ministries, supported by clergy men and women, civic groups, elected officials and businesses drew people of all persuasions to the congregation’s Community Bowling Center’s Racial Harmony Bowling (and eating) event.  A sight to be seen.

Unfortunately, my pictures from the event did not turn out well so instead, I am sharing one of my favorite pieces of art that I referenced when I spoke at the event.

 And here it is illuminated in celebration of diversity.