One reason we cannot get the attention we need from SCDOT

08 Feb One reason we cannot get the attention we need from SCDOT

For those who wonder why potholes, sidewalks and stormwater systems, failing bridges and unsafe intersections (all of which are the responsibility of the SCDOT to maintain) are ignored, you might learn from this primer provided by the SC Coastal Conservation League.

I served in the legislature with Senator Hugh Leatherman and found him to be a fair, compromising and engaging colleague. That was years ago before he earned all of the power granted to the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.

I believe the example pointed out by the SCCL is the reason Senator Tom Davis opposed large amounts of new money until this broken system can be fixed.

I am not sure the residents of SC can wait for the merited reform but there should be a way to make better investments of state dollars as Davis and other reformers set the stage for a new order.

Those with roads that are tearing up their cars, experiencing overflowing stormwater ditches into their yards and dangerously cracked sidewalks cannot wait.

The cartoon is informative and sad.

That’s too many hats.