Reconstruction Era Monument - Update

31 Jan Reconstruction Era Monument - Update

While it took sixteen years and the work of many in our community to earn this important designation, the final product of a national park,  and not just granite monuments planted in the ground, will not happen overnight.  As discussed in  earlier posts, the Antiquities Act prevents the US Government from allocating financial resources at the time of the designation. This is to say that the costs associated with standing up the sites, and eventually adding more, will take more time.

I understand the Designated Marketing Organization’s Visitors’ Center at the Arsenal is already fielding calls about what there is to do and see to understand the new monument.  I can only ask that, as excited as we all are, we must be patient.  The principals from all of the sites are conferencing with the NPS regional office which has assigned an interim coordinator and I am hopeful that we will soon see an interim director in the area. Meanwhile the person charged with us is experienced having directed six parks in the past.

The first step should be a public planning process which becomes a management plan for the park.  In time we will see printed literature than explains the rationale for the park, its components and the plans for implementing of this exciting and important addition to our County.

Finally, I am hoping we will soon set a date for a celebration in concert with Congressman Clyburn’s office and the National Park Service.

Meanwhile, under the auspices of the Beaufort County Library which received a planning grant from the Donnelly Foundation and another we hope is on the way from anther source, we hope to bring resources to the table to move the project along.

Stay posted.

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