Reconstruction sparks collaboration

24 Jan Reconstruction sparks collaboration

I think it is fair to say that the establishment of the Reconstruction Era Monument in Beaufort will bring a new awareness about our rich history and culture. Events, lectures, a second national teachers institute on Reconstruction, historic markers and new art installations that tell parts of the story are in progress before the National Park Service begins their community planning for the multi-site monument.

Thank you Reverend Ken Hodges and the Congregation of Tabernacle Baptist Church for the campaign you have launched to erect a statue of Harriet Tubman on your campus near the Robert Smalls bust on Craven Street.

Thank you TCL and Beaufort Arts Council for the collaboration to install a reconstruction mural in the tunnel under Ribaut Road.  Read more

I believe that through collaboration this historical event will bring much good to our community, our state and hopefully our nation. Needed conversations, uncovering unknown parts of our history, curriculum for students and much more.

Community Mural Project to beautify TCL tunnel