Dee Hryharrow: She taught me Art History and more

01 Feb Dee Hryharrow: She taught me Art History and more

Several weeks ago while going through a stash of “family stuff,” I uncovered childhood portraits of my siblings and I.  Viewing them took me down memory lane. Growing up in a small community, we were fortunate to know many of the grown ups who made Beaufort work. Dee Hryharrow and her husband John were two of those people. John and Dee’s dad Mr. Danner operated Wallace and Danner, one of  the larger retail shops on Bay Street.  Dee was a close friend of mother’s with whom she worked at the pursuit of art and a greater recognition of artists in Beaufort.  Mother’s art was promoting cultural assets in the community. Dee’s  was producing wonderful Lowcounty images on canvass.

When I took college courses at USCB, Dee was one of my professors.  While I cannot say I loved the challenge of memorizing which artist represented which period, I can remember Dee’s passion for what she was sharing with her students and her patience with a slow learner like me.

When I returned to Beaufort later in life and decided to try real estate sales, Dee was one of the few -  in what was a competitive market - who encouraged and mentored me.  She was a persistent advocate for her clients and someone who also understood the “art of the deal.”

Beaufort has lost yet another rock from the foundation of our wonderful community. Thank you Dee.  I see you in the art on my wall everyday.

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