Short Term Rentals are not just about a City Council vote

21 Mar Short Term Rentals are not just about a City Council vote

Historically significant structures are being saved because investors restore them and cover the financing through renting them for days, not years.  I like this and believe it is good for the city.

On the other hand, a growing number of citizens fear the city could be over taken by short term rentals. Citizens want short term rentals to be more regulated. They make a good point about maintaining the authenticity of our small, very special city.

Preserving our special city includes preserving the distinctive character of neighborhoods and the authenticity that it brings to residents, visitors and potential new residents.

Short Term Rentals and authenticity can work together. It will require hard facts, sincere dialogue, compromise and a conversation that best starts with stake holders and not the city council.

This is why council decided to form a Blue Ribbon Task Force, not unlike the parking task force or the one formed many years ago to deal with bed and breakfasts and carriage tours.  We need citizen engagement. We need more facts and we need some answers.

If you have an interest in this important conversation, some familiarity and background in this area, I urge you to apply to be on the task force. Send an email to Ivette Burgess at to apply.

To learn more about the short term rental discussion, read Short Term Rentals Are Not Just About a City Council Vote from the The Island Packet.