Short Term Rentals

21 Mar Short Term Rentals

At City Council’s work session this evening at 5 pm,  the Short Term Rental Task Force will present their findings and recommendations  for the best way for the City to manage this new business enterprise while doing our best to protect the quality of life in the City and most certainly each of our unique and complementary neighborhoods.

The issue has been front and center. The City Council engaged a citizens task force including a balance between those who are engaged in the business and those who fear that their neighborhood or the city’s character will be challenged by short term rentals. A few of the B&B’s expressed concern that STR’s bring unfair competition.  (It was difficult to find balance when assigning spots on the task force because the vast majority of the volunteers who offered to help were supporters of STR’s.  That said, I think we struck a balance and expect a comprehensive report that respects all positions and recommends what is best for the entire city.)

Please come to hear the presentation as this is one of only a few times where the public will be asked to weigh in as council considers these changes.

As is noted in the following story from the Charleston Post and Courier, many in Charleston believe that short term rentals have gotten out of hand and need to be addressed by the City of Charleston.

Charleston announces listening sessions on short-term rentals