Sink Hole?

16 Jul Sink Hole?

Thursday night a sink hole appeared on Boundary Street.  Unfortunately, critics of the Boundary Redevelopment project are quick to point to the sink hole and the inconvenience of the temporary road closure on the Boundary Street Redevelopment. While the project has clearly caused difficulties for those traveling Boundary Street and some of the merchants along the corridor, about which I am sorry and can only ask patience, the sink hole has absolutely no relationship to the redevelopment initiative.

The fact is that digging trenches for the duct banks (to which utilities will be embedded under ground) has not begun on the north side of the street where the sink hole occurred.

Fortunately the street is reopened as the hole has been temporarily be covered and will only be replaced after the Water Festival so that residents and visitors will not be inconvenienced and traffic will move as it has been on Boundary Street.

Boundary Street traffic disrupted by sinkhole