Some say ‘bring it on’ and I say ‘no’ to nuclear waste

30 Sep Some say ‘bring it on’ and I say ‘no’ to nuclear waste

For more than 30 years I have wondered why SC has been so accepting as a spot for the storage of nuclear waste, be it low level in Barnwell or weapons grade at the Savannah River Site.

What is never admitted when the government or a private enterprise wants to send us their waste to us, is that there is NO SUCH THING AS THE TEMPORARY STORAGE OF NUCLEAR WASTE.  It comes here, no one else will take it and it stays. Seemingly forever!

Enjoy Bob Airial’s syndicated cartoon which is so appropriate and worth thinking about. I hope it sticks you as it does me. I’ve also included a note from Conservation Voters of SC about more waste potentially on the way.



Dear Billy,

Over the last few weeks, nuclear watchdogs became aware of an effort to collect more nuclear waste in Barnwell County. The Savannah River Site Watch, SC Chapter of the Sierra Club, and the League of Women Voters of South Carolina responded quickly - issuing a statement calling for a rejection of the proposal.

Governor Haley echoed the same concerns in an article by The State, stating that “South Carolina will not become a permanent dumping ground for nuclear waste…”

Conservation Voters agrees. Moving nuclear waste around South Carolina and concentrating it in one place does nothing but kick the can down the road.

Rather than shuffle dangerous, high level waste around, we should insist that the federal government open the safe, secure repository that it promised.


Ann Timberlake, Executive Director