Teddy Roosevelt to the Rescue : Opposition to Atlantic Oil Exploration Growing

20 Sep Teddy Roosevelt to the Rescue : Opposition to Atlantic Oil Exploration Growing

It is heartening and a very positive sign to see that President Teddy Roosevelt Republicans are coming out from cover and standing up with local governments and businesses in our continued efforts to discourage the US Department of Interior from opening up the Atlantic Ocean for off shore energy exploration.

Encouraged by strong grassroots support from people like you and me, the past adminstration removed the Atlantic Coast from the five year plan and denied permits for seismic blasting. Beaufort was at the front of  the SC effort by passing a resolution in opposition to offshore exploration and was joined every SC Coastal Community and  then over 300 other local governments and hundreds of businesses along the East coast. Then came the fishing industry.  This was a demonstration of grass roots at its best.

From the outset of the new administration, big oil appears to have made inroads and the issue is back on the table in Washington and in some State Capitols including SC.

Except in the minds of extreme partisans form all sides, fortunately this is really not a partisan issue. As you will recall Congressmen Mark Sanford was first out of the box to oppose and then came Congressman Tom Rice both in concert with  Congressman Jim Clyburn, three SC’s Members of Congress who oppose exploration.

In the State Legislature where there are pro and con measures pending, Senator Chip Campson has been out front from the beginning and it appears that Representatives Newton and Herbkersmann are working the house side with Rep Leon Stavrinackis.  Others from Beaufort may be engaged. I did not see them as sponsors but that does not mean they will not oppose.

Notwithstanding the tall mountain we must climb to rebuild a wall of opposition, the movement is growing but still needs your help.  Please write to your State Senators and Members of the House of Representatives to remind them there is too much at stake in permitting offshore exploration.  We can only look at what nature has done to our beaches to be reminded how human mistakes can bring even longer disaster.

Extracted from Packet/Gazette

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