The Real Deal: New Urbanism with authentic charm

08 Aug The Real Deal: New Urbanism with authentic charm

Over the past several years we have been talking a great deal about The New Urbanism. Most new urbanist communities,  popping up like mushrooms across the land, are modeled upon the principles of small cities like ours. But they are disconnected from the cultural and civic infrastructure that makes small cities great.

Most of the “new communities” are built where woods or open fields once stood and where the developer could establish the mass a neighborhood.

As we write the Beaufort Code, we must not lose sight of the fact that Beaufort is not a greenfield development but an overlay that must fit in with what we have.  The mass and scale of Beaufort were established many years ago so we do not have a blank slate for which we can plan.

That being said, there are a few areas in the city which should allow different kinds and sizes of structures. This is one of the ways the city can grow our footprint, a challenge which if met the right way can help us become even more culturally and environmentally sustainable. It is indeed a challenge.

But we cannot lose the real deal which has become the ideal for many developers across the land.