“The Rise of the Urban Jungle”

11 Apr “The Rise of the Urban Jungle”

A faithful reader send the attached which is food for thought.

“When I look at our beautiful Lowcountry slowly becoming a concrete jungle and read the attached article, perhaps we should look at preserving our green canopy for future survival rather than increasing our tax base by allowing more of our green canopy to be removed in misnamed progress-taxes won’t feed us or protect us from climate change.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have Beaufort recognized for urban forests rather than treeless commercial and residential eyesore. Charles Fraser had the right idea-smart and attractive development that preserves and enhances the natural beauty. We don’t want to be another Bluffton, do we?”



The City of Beaufort has for years been recognized as a Tree City for the way we take care of our trees, for our ordinances that protect them and for our replacing trees when they die.  We have a pending ordinance that proposes to charge developers more for each tree that is removed with the dollars dedicated to the City’s Tree Farm in Southside Park.  Furthermore, all of the environmental groups I can think of support the cities civic master plan because it dissuades sprawl which eats up the forest and natural habitats like we find in many newer neighborhoods outside of the city.

All said the following is an instructive and good read.

The rise of the urban jungle